Eye care / glasses

Did you know that Specsavers gives FREE eye tests, lenses and frames to children under 12?

Y-bike Pewi

What a great "bike" for toddlers. They can start using it as a walking aid holding on to the face of the bike, then they start to straddle it and gain more confidence. The wheels swivel, making it easy for them to move in any direction, getting to know theit personal space. It has won so many awards. Take a look http://www.ybike.co.za/products/pewi/ . Truly a great product and not an expensive option, compared to other toddler "bikes" and with far  more benefits!


Iron Ons and Buttons

Warm jackets are often so expensive. Bought a cheap and boring one at Pep for R30 and ironed on a car badge of R5. Now my 2 ½ year old loves his car jacket. Have a lovely warm jersey but your fussy kid refuses to wear it? Sew on a smiley face button/attach it to the zip. R4 and Bob’s your uncle. Plain old blue dungarees that your older boy wore is not girly enough for your princess? Iron on a butterfly and you’re away. Ronelle

Joovy Caboose

I spent hours searching omn the internet for a pram option for 2 children of different ages. This is the best one I could find, not available in SA stores yet - My JOOVY CABOOSE.

The best things about the Joovy are that the older child can sit or stand(facing forward then),

The sun canape folds over both, but even better is that it can completely fold forward or back, so you can completely block out a low setting or rising sun,

The basket is big,

it folds small enough to fit into my Picanto's boot,

Found it cheaper than most twin prams (after searching for hours on internet though!),

Steers easily,

is compatible with most car seats for new born baby,

If older child is not with me it does not look like I am pushing a twin pram with only one child,

And if the older child is not with me, a shopping basket fits nicely on the back seat, making it a shopping pram! Helena @@@

Toddler things

360 Sippy Cup

Ek het die wonderlikste no-spill sippy cup gevind. Sy naam is Amadeus 360 degrees. Hierdie ene mors regtig glad nie en kan vir almal gebruik word, van 1jariges tot tieners. Ek het dit al oorweeg om self te gebruik - perfek vir in die kar! Dit is soos 'n plastiek glas en jy kan van enige kant daaruit drink en mors regtig glad nie. Gaan kyk bietjie op http://www.dizzydots.com/360%20degree%20non%20spill%20cup.asp Ek het myne by Baby City gekoop vir R89 en is elke sent werd! Happy sipping... - Helene @@@

Munchkin sippy cup

Hierdie is in my opinie ‘n wonderlike “non spill sippy cup”.

‘n Vriendin het my vertel hoe sy hierdie bekertjie gekoop het, nadat sy ten duurste ‘n string ander uit probeer het sonder sukses.

Baie ander make vind sy is vir klein kinders of moeilik om te suig of nie regtig “non spill” nie.

Vir my werk dit fantasties. Ek het een vir tee of melk en een vir water. Marika @@@

Mine looks a little bit different - is now a see through cup, but is also my favourite sippy cup. It has a straw and is completely non-spil. I put full of water it in the cot next to my baby. She can lie on her side and drink (like a hamster) without spilling or having to pick up and tilt cup. They are also fairly cheap compared to other brands. Helena @@@

Toddler things


Bought myself a new Favourite Thing - Windowsox. They are a little expensive at R360 a pair, but are custom made to your car model and gets couriered to yor door the next day! They are sun shading for rear windows that you pull over the door, so that you cover the whole window and you can even open the window without worrying if someone will stick their hand through from the outside. You can buy them in some baby shops, but I ordered mine onliine at www.windowsoxsa.co.za No more sitting in the sun fro my two and because my little Picanto's aircon does not always reach the back seat, they can now enjoy some fresh air on a hot day.@@@

Skin Kidz

Found a SPF30 sun screen for kids (I use it as well) from a skin expert. It has no harmful ingredients and is part of a skin care range for children. The best part for me is that the 450ml is devided in a 300ml refill bottle and four small flat bottles that I permanently carry with me in my handbag/diaper bag. It is also not very expensive at all. You can contact Susari at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more info or to order. Great for summer! Helena@@@

Boowa & Kwala

If you are like me and struggling to keep my busy toddler entertained during these rainy days, I have found a great website. www.boowakwala.com is ‘n website with songs, games and activities for toddlers. We have had many laughs at the characters and my toddler is learning how to operate the mouse of a computer. Helena @@@

Toddler things

Anna Emm Productions

Go take a look at the website www.annaemm.co.za. She specialises in story telling for children. Her portfolio includes lots of different children's story series options you can purchase from her website or download at www.redhatter.co.za. My toddler loves to listens to her stories and it makes for great change from dvd’s all day! All her products are available in Afrikaans and English. PS She also writes stories for adults! Helena@@@

Toddler things

Keeping them busy

My toddler used to love things they could push around. So I would drop the feeding chair to its lowest level and there he goes. He would also love sweeping so give him a broom and Bob's your uncle. I think it just depends on the child. My other child loved watching Barney with the Barney teddy in her hand so basically you need to try out various things. Toddlers also love packing in and out so give then your Tupperware cupboard and they will have endless playtime. –Moira, CT @@@


This is an easy one that Dad seems to like (takes very little effort!) He goes to Youtube and types in my son’s favourite topic of the day (spider, rocket, hadeda), then they watch videos of the animal etc. They are short clips that informative and so much better than TV! When we listen to music I’ll sometimes show him the instrument being played (like Hugh Masekela playing a trumpet). –Ronelle, Noordhoek @@@


My favourite thing vir ons toddlers is a moddergat!!!! My gras groei glad nie daar nie maar hulle speel ure in die modder en water en paadjies! Hulle bou paadjies met die braaihout stompies en bruggies met die rooster en my matjie voor die deur!!! Dit is heerlik!

Die ander ding is ‘n blou swaaitjie!! Dit lyk soos ‘n stoeltjie m.a.w. dit is veilig!! Koos het dit aan ‘n baie hoe boom vasgemaak en dan swaai hy hulle in die rondte soos daardie groot merry-go-rounds by die skou!! Hulle maak mekaar ook! Dit is heerlik !!! Dit hang reg bo oor die moddergat so wanneer hulle voetjies deur die modder gaan spat alles sopnat!!! –Adri, Montaque @@@

Toddler things

Plastiek Inkleurprente

Om kleuters binnenshuis besig te hou wanneer dit reën en storm soos dit net in die Kaap kan, het ek 'n bitter goedkoop speelding ontdek....'n plastiek mat waarop prentjies gedruk is soos 'n inkleurboek sodat kleuter dit kan inkleur....die wonderlike hiervan is dat dit saam met wasbare kryte kom, dus kan die hele prentjie weer skoongevee word, die mat opgerol en weggepak word en volgende keer is dit weer so. Ek het hierdie matte by verskeie plekke te koop gesien...vra maar by jul naaste speelgoedwinkel. 'n Tweede ding wat vreeslik oulik is...'n program op Cebebees (kanaal 306 op skottel) genaamd Mister Maker...hulle maak allerhande oulike speelgoed, prente, ens. van karton, papier en afval materiaal uit jou huis...daar is regtig die wonderlikste idees en dit gee 'n ma 'n goeie persepsie watter goed om weg te gooi en watter dinge om te hou sodat dit in 'n pragstuk omgetower kan word. Lego is tydloos en my kind van 4 en my dogter van 1 speel ure daarmee. Plastiek diere te koop by meeste speelgoedwinkels is fantastiese vermaak....hulle kan in die bad daarmee speel...in die sandput...of sommer net op die mat. My seun is in sy dinosaur stadium en hy speel orals met hulle en dan word kampies gemaak van lego blokkies en plaas gemaak vir die plaasdiere.-Lynell, Vyeboom @@@

Plastic scooters

There is absolutely NOTHING on this earth that compares to those cheap plastic scooters! My toddlers moved around on it inside the house, and when we took a stroll around the block she could move at the same speed on the scooter. We had a smaller one for beginners, which she eventually outgrew, and then we moved onto a bigger one. For about 4 years her bum was pasted to the seat! Anna, Plattekloof @@@


Water, water, water

Water is just the best thing ever. In winter my toddler sits on the counter top with his feet in the sinc full of soap water in the kitchen, washing everything! In summer we open the garden hose a little and he plays with it in the garden for hours until he is soaking wet.@@@


A new world opened up for my toddler, and his mother, when we bought him a step that we keep in the kitchen. It is plastic with two steps and can be bought at any plastic store. He pulls or carries it wherever he wants to go. Now he can see everything, wash his own hands, help to bake and cook, and I can keep my arms and counter tops free!, Helena @@@


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