My first child was relatively easy with teeth, just always got a wet cough that needed medicine to dry up. Also found Prodol to be the nicest teething gel. With my second child now I have discovered Vidol Teething Powders which also contains Paracetamol (like Panado) and is sometimes easier to rub on gums than give medicine, especially at night. The rubbing also seems to help sooth. I have also heard from moms who rather use Dynexan, which is a for cold sores and mouth ulcers, as it is an ointment and not a teething gel. Cold ice lollies and yogurt also sometimes seemed to sooth during the day. Lets hear what the other moms say. Good luck, at least you know what is wrong and that it will pass rather quickly. Helena @@@

Ek weet daar is nou "teething beads" - kraletjies wat jy om die kind se nek sit wat glo wonderlik werk ! Dit is by Dischem te koop ! Ronel @@@

Used Vidol (sp?) powders directly on gums. My kids had amber necklaces from a few months’ old which helped, I think.My brother only got one for his son at around 14/15 months and he swears it made a huge difference. I don’t know... Ronelle @@@

None of the teething gels or powders helped my daughter but I found the Nurofen for Children syrup helped her. Charlotte @@@

Depending on the age of the child teething (my kids were teething VERY late), gnawing on crisp breads/beskuit/a cold (almost frozen) peeled whole apple always helped my kids (cannot do with small kids due to choking risk). When they were younger (4-8 months old), I would freeze a clean damped washcloth, and they gnawed on it. My kids never liked teethers, but the only one they did chew on, was a teether that vibrated when being chewed on. Not sure where to find one like that, but it was made of a much softer type plastic than most, it had a big yellow star and the points of the star vibrated, which fit my kids mouths better than those bulky teethers. Elbet @@@

I am a mother and have a baby of 9months old. The only advice I can give you is Panado - Syrup , add it to the gums with your finger or you can also try Aston & Parsons powder for infants. Regards Carien @@@

Wow, thats bad. Well theres no miracle thing. All we can really do is comfort them. But what I found to work best for my 2kids is Vidol teething powder. Has paracetamol and other gum numbing stuff in. Its better than teegel and prodol, because it looks like most the gel / liquid just goes down the throat with their saliva. And Ashton & Parsons theething powder is homopathic (which means theres no real medicine in, so that didn't work for me.) Vidol powder you can use to message the gums, you can do this every 4 hours. It brings relief, but I've found nothing really takes the pain & irritation away all together. But ive found distracting them also helps as you try to get them to sleep. Make believe play with puppets and teddies is a favourite here. Also I just pray alot, lol. Good luck! Clarabelle @@@

5ml Postan and 5 ml ponado at the same time. Worked for my little one! Marele @@@

Prodol I have found worked wonders! Together with Ashtons&Parsons Infant powder. Prodol liquid can be administered directly to the gums and acts as a local anaesthetic, which really works for hours. You can apply the Prodol often without worrying of over dosing easily.The Infant powder helps for those tummy aches and prevents the diapers from being so sour.Other than that, a really good ice cold teether to help them chew and relief the itching pain!Some already has a liquid which you throw in the freezer, or you can make your own ice lolly from juice. Carolien @@@

I do not believe in any other advice for teething than this!!!!!!! You buy Traumeel ointment from a health pharmacy and rub it on the gums!! It works!!!! It is meant for muscles but it works for gums! I also use the Pegasus tablets for Pains, fever and teething! IT WORKS!! Also from a health pharmacy!!! And the little ones love it! And then you need a hug…….!!! Catch this one: HHHHHUUUUUUUGGGGGGG! Good luck and may you get some rest aswell! Adri @@@

Ek het Dynexan gel gebruik. 'n Rooi en wit buisie wat jy by die apteek kry. Dis vir mense wat valstande het. Dit numb die gums. Nadia @@@

I found that Vidol and Nurofen have been the only constants that have worked for me and gotten me any sleep. I know they work because almost to the hour that they wear off ethan is awake and restless again. Raqual @@@

Some Dis-Chems stock BEE Wise products. The lip ice is very good for teething. You scrape it off with your nail and then rub it on the gums. Brilliant stuff. I think the red one is better that the green one though. But try them all. Eleanor @@@

Prodol works for me - my daughter is currently cutting her last molars and the prodol deadens the gums and I give 2.5 ml panado as well. Then some chemists still sell a mixture called "tandemengsel". Best to call around to find out where - Durbanville MediPlein used to stock it. Not too sure now. Marche @@@


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