Peek-a-Moo tops

Do yourself a favour and buy some breastfeeding tops from Peek-a-Moo. They come in different designs and colours and are great for breastfeeding in public. Available at or I found them at the Pregeez shop in High Street. Can I just add that it is a shame that these are the only breatsfeeding tops that are easily available in South Africa! - Helena, CT

Le Leche League

The best advice that I can give you is to make contact with the Le Leche League. They are an international breastfeeding support organisation. They offer support over the phone, make lengthy house calls, have monthly support group meetings in your area and have a great library on breastfeeding. You can join these groups even while you are pregnant. I look forward to every meeting and their relaxed, natural, encouraging advice and conversations. I can even take my busy toddler along as well! Look them up and put their number on speed dial! – Helena, CT @@@

All purpose Nipple cream

There a nipple cream with antiseptic properties if you suspect there may be infection brewing i.e. slight redness, slight burning/throbbing sensation. It’s cal the “All Purpose Nipple Cream” and is mixed and prepared by only 2 pharmacies in the Cape: Cirlce Pharmacy in Somerset West, and another in Cape town (don’t know where). It won’t “toughen” you up but will help to heal and prevent minor infections, and safe for baby – no need to remove it before feeding. This worked wonders for me – but ALWAYS remember to consult your breastfeeding clinic or doctor if symptoms persists! – Mariza, Stellenbosch @@@


 My advice for breastfeeding is try your best to persevere with it. In the beginning my nipples blead but now that Ethan is 6 months I can say that it is definitely rewarding and worth it, and I am glad that I persevered. Your milk is the perfect food for baby and changes as he grows and his needs change. I would suggest attending your local La Leche League group as they really provide you with the support and knowledge that empowers you to want to continue breastfeeding.

 One thing that I read that changed the way I thought about breastfeeding was that: Breastfeeding for a baby is so much more that for nutritional purposes. It is about comfort, warmth, to soothe your baby to sleep. For your little one, if he is tired or scared, to lie close to you and smell your skin and suckle is the best place for him to be. I shouldn’t put baby on a strict feeding schedule and deny him that closeness. Also going on a strict schedule can reduce your milk supply. I breastfeed Ethan whenever he asks for it or I can see that he is a bit niggly. It keeps my milk supply up and soothes him instantly. Mom is happy and so is baby! –Raqual, CT @@@


Washable breast pads

I use washable breast pads that I bought at Baby Company. They cost about the same as disposables and you can use them much longer! You can wash them in the washing machine, just don't hang them in the sun.

 Breast feeding was very challenging with my first child but the second time around I was a bit more clued up. A tip that I can share: Most new mothers make a mistake in the positioning of the baby for breast feeding. Two common mistakes occur with the positioning. Put baby's tummy facing your tummy and his nose should be opposite your nipple for easier latching, so when he lifts his chin and opens his mouth, the nipple is in the right place. – Charlie, CT @@@


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