Prevenar injections

If you do decide to give your baby the prevenar injections, did you know that there is a state option that is free?! Certain clinics do give them, or you can always request your clinic to order it for you. @@@

No Expectations

I found that having no expectation of my baby, keeps me calm. The moment I expect her to sleep at the same time or length of time, etc, I become stressed when she doesn’t. Take every day as it comes and expect her to just be a person with individual needs every day. – Helena, UItzicht @@@

Helena with her newborn

 An adventure

You have no idea how it’s going to be to have a baby. No matter how many books you read or advice you get. Just prepare yourself for a hell of an adventure! – Raqual, Langeberg Hights @@@

If you have a bad day, remember that tomorrow is a new day and ALWAYS different! Babies are very seldom the same two days in a row. Sometimes this is bad (when you like the current routine), but sometimes it is the only hope you can cling to! Helena @@@

Mom knows best

Everybody is going to try and give you advice but every mother knows best for his/her baby, so go with your gut feeling. It is never wrong. – Moira, UItzicht @@@

 Accept help

The first 12 weeks are the hardest. But its gets better after that. Every day gets easier and more enjoyable, even to this day. Don’t make ANY plans for the first 3 months – you will feel like you are in a parallel universe. Just accept all the help from your husband and family as you can get. – Raqual, Langeberg Hights @@@

Trust your instinct

My best advice I received was from my husband. He said "always trust your instinct regardless of what other people or family say, because there is nothing like a mother's instinct and you know your children best". I have to say, I've always done that and have never been wrong with my 4 year old daughter and 6 month old boy. – Liezl @@@

Bad hulle

Die raad wat ek gekry het vir my babas, maar wat steeds werk tot vandag toe vir my peuters, is dat wanneer baba ongelukkig, onrustig, gefrustreerd is, bad hom/haar. Dit help hulle kalmeer. – Lynell, Vyeboom @@@


What do you do when your baby starts to hiccup? If you are breast feeding, put him on your breast. It works like a bomb – after about 3-5 “sucks” the baby will stop with the hiccups. If you don’t breast feed, give the baby some water from a cup. PS – trying to scare a baby or asking when last they saw a white horse definitely does not work.- Annemie, Paarl @@@

Me Time

Ons het dubbel stort en ek het vir Isabella van vroeg af al saam met my in die stort gesit in een van daai plastiek ringe – ek kon ‘n heerlike lang stort vat en sy was mal daaroor – nou stort sy meeste aande saam met my (met stortkep op ), en speel met bakkies en koppies, so ek het selde ‘n afgejaagde stort. – Annemie, Brackenfell @@@

A personal journey

Take advice with a pinch of salt. You will get lots of it! And that includes from books. Being a first time mother is a very uncertain time, and you look for reassurance from anywhere you can, but that can put a lot of pressure on you to do things a certain way. Find the best way that suits you, even if it seems unconventional. Don’t let anyone turn their nose up at your parenting style. I eventually chose not to share certain things with people who I knew wouldn’t understand because they hadn’t been there. Being a mother is an extremely personal journey and as each person is different, the way you chose to mother will be different. As long as both you and baby are happy – great. – Raqual, Langeberg Hights @@@

Getting sleep

· Two best things I ever decided/ learned as a new parent: Learning to breastfeed lying down and taking Ethan in the bed with us. The amount of sleep we get now as a family is unparalleled. We love the together time in the bed and Ethan sleeps like an angel because I (and his food) are close by. When I feel him stirring I easily latch him and carry on sleeping, and he drifts back off to sleep after drinking. I am so aware of him that I don’t believe it is possible for a mother to roll onto her baby at night. And as long as you follow precautions, it has been shown to aid against the cause of SIDS.- Raqual, Langeberg H @@@

Babygrows best

· I know it’s tempting to buy dozens of cute outfits for your new baby but I’m telling you now that all you will want your baby to live in for the first 4 months is babygrows. They’re the most practical by far. Have one or 2 going out outfits but babygrows are definitely your best bet clothes wise. – Raqual, Langeberg H @@@



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