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Baby Trendsetter
Let me share one of my favourite places with you. You just absolutely have to visit this shop before your girl is too big!! The shop is called: Baby Trendsetter. Their website: They are situated at the back of Northgate Island. Here is a map: The shop is at a very odd place, but it is totally worth visiting! Their baby socks is the only socks I found which stays on baby’s feet, even when crawling they do not come off.- Helene, Vredekloof @@@


I found a great new place. Elle, also a mother of two toddlers, sells local and overseas label pre-owned clothing from a little shop located in her house in Tamboerskloof. I found a wide variety of “can’t resist” cute things to buy at Ackermans/Woolies prices, but Diesel or GAP, and in an excellent condition. There is a small, safe garden for the kids to play while you shop. Make an appointment with her through her website or call her on 0829236817. @@@


One thing I can mention is that my Favourite Bathroom in a shopping centre is the family toilets in the small stalls area in the middle of Canal Walk. It is worth the extra walk to get there, because it has a big AND small toilet, big AND small wash basin, and one whole wall is a fish tank. It amuses the kids long enough for you to take your time! @@@


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