My midwife

My midwife, Sr Nicolene Laubscher. It is with great sadness in my heart that I have to let go of this wonderful woman that came accross my path. It is sad to know that we will not be spending so much time together anymore. She has become a wonderful friend and someone I will always love for the great experience she has shared with me and made possible for me. She is based in Paarl, but covers a wide area. Besides home and hospital deliveries and being doula, she also does immunisation, anti natal classes and breastfeeding & feeding advise. Her contact details are 4 Brug str, Paarl Tel: +27 21 863 1348 Fax: 088 021 863 1348 Cell: 083 256 7898 E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - HELENA


Pulsatilla is a homeopathic remedy made from the Windflower. It is known to help turn a breech baby and helps with th mental preparation for birth. I took from 36weeks, one tablet 3 times per day and it made me very peaceful and relaxed. Together with the RL Tea (nr4) it made my last month, the best emotionally. Please Google or ask at a health shop for more information regarding this remedy. - HELENA

Raspberry Leaf Tea

Raspberry Leaf Tea is an amazing find! I wish I had known about this with my previous pregnancy. Just Google to check out all the benefits for pregnancy - it is beneficial for almost every single thing, for example . I also only started taking from 36weeks and brewed about a litre a day. The taste is very herby, but I mixed it with another herbal tea and let it cool before drinking. You can also mix with juice. It is especially good for the uterus muscles, which makes contractions more effective which can lead to a shorter labour time, and helps the uterus contract faster after birth. Helps deliver the placenta, reduces bleeding, stimulates breast milk, etc, etc, etc. Definitely worth a try and the taste! - HELENA

Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil. Now this was great. Also very sorry that no one told me about this oil with my previous pregnancy. It works wonders for a torn, cut or swollen perineum. Apply directly to area or mix with (bath)water. It softens the skin, so you are almost unaware of stitches or soreness, and also fights infection. Also see - HELENA

(All three above I was able to purchase from Eirene's Health Shop in Durbanville. )

Cape Waterbirth's Pools

I did not plan to use a birth pool. My midwife recommended it for pain relief. I considered it for a long time. But let me tell you ladies, once I got into that pool, I did not want to get out. Cape Waterbirths have a pool designed for labour. It is completely inflated, including the bottom, which makes it very soft all round. It is big enoug to lie in, yet shaped in such a way that your midwife/dr can easily assist you from the side. And it is very deep, so you seem weightless - when I sat in the pool the water reached my shoulders. I made the water a hot bath temperature and it kept its temperature very well, only topped up once. It does come with its own urn, but we did not need it. You also receive your own set of pipes and lining, which you can dispose of afterwards, which makes it completely . This pool is available at or 0736531147 from Langeberg Ridge in Durbanville and costs R1100 for a period of 3weeks. - HELENA

Pregnancy Water Exercises

The pregnancy water exercise classes at Tara Road, Durbanville. It was wonderful to get into that warm water at the end of a long day. I was able to exercise this way right up to the end and long after I had to stop walking due to back and muscle pain. I made wonderful new friends and shared special moments with other mothers. Classes are after work and costs only R40 per class. For details contact Mari 0724369963. - HELENA



Friends who share their maternity wear. We have a bag full of maternity wear that is circulated to the next one pregnant. It saves a lot of money and there is always something new in the bag when you get it back! - HELENA

Flip flops!

Mine were my Havaianas flip-flops. I wore them everyday! They are extremely soft and comfortable and I was always too hot to wear shoes. Available in most surf shops and they have a store in the Waterfront, CT. - HELENA


Spaghetti T-shirts

I would have to say, that a spaghetti t-shirt top (with support) was/is my favourite during pregnancy. They are not only comforting during day time, but also at night when sleeping. The other nice factor is that no matter how big your tummy gets, it is always snugged in save! At 1st I bought the one’s at the Pick&Pay clothing store for R39 and then for the last trimester I bought the maternity one’s from Woolies for R89 a top. They are all 100% cotton. - Carolien, CT


Loved my and I still wear it now 15months after my baby's birth. The tops are beautiful and the material is so stretchy, making it easy to wear before, after and during pregnancy.


My favourite thing in pregnancy, except for my tummy, was sweatpants with a very thickband around the waist. It really helped with supporting my tummy and it was socomfortable I wanted to wear it everyday. I bought mine at Jet, but I’m sure you can get it at any clothing shop that sells sweatpants like Woolworths, Edgars or Mr.Price. – Charlie, CT

Woolworths shirts

Woolworths verkoop hierdie tyd van die jaar die heerlikste driekwartmou ligte linnehemde...baie gemaklik vir 'n groot boep! Elke jaar is dit in die modekleure beskikbaar. Ek het die naweek gesien dat hul tunic hemde inhet in wit, turqoise, swart en khaki met wit linnebroeke wat selfs swangervroue kan dra. Hul pregnancy broeke is ook baie gemaklik. Ongelukkig moet mens verskeie kere die Woolworths takke besoek, want sodra die pregnancy broeke inkom, so word hul uitverkoop...baie gewild! Lynell, Vyeboom.

Yummy Mummy Tummy  – Great for the beginning of pregnancy when your belly is too big for your jeans but not big enough for maternity pants just yet. They fit over your unbuttoned pants and hold them up. It looks like a long t-shirt and you can get them in a couple colours. some stores now make their own variation.

Bra extender

La Senza sells bra strap extenders for about R25. I found that I didn’t need to go out and buy special bra’s during my pregnancy but because I found my ribcage expanded considerably that my bra straps became very tight. It worked great and was much cheaper than buying special maternity bras. – Raqual, CT

My bra extender piece, which you can pay a lot of money for at some upmarket chain store, or make it yourself by getting the bra fastener (one set containing two pieces) from your local haberdashery/fabric shop and sew a small piece of elastic in between - costs you <R5 and makes your (pre-pregnancy!) bra's go much further. - Renate, CT


Ginger Lollypops

Another favourite thing in the earlier stages of pregnancy was ginger lollypops. Ithelped with the nausea and it’s something sweet to push blood sugar up.- Charlie,CT

Ice-cream machine

My favorite thing during pregnancy was an ice-cream maker. Ice cream was my craving during my pregnancy and my husband bought me a Ice-cream maker from Boardmans. What was great was that I could make frozen yogurt which was much healthier and it tasted just like ice-cream. I just poured a tub of yogurt into the machine and in no time and I had my favorite indulgence! Raqual, CT

Living and loving

I loved reading the Living & Loving and couldn't wait each month for the new edition. I even took out a subscription for it. it gave me so much advice. Even when my kids got older, I still read it. - Moira, CT


Kauai smoothies! Keeps you cool, is a meal in a cup and healthy by the way! - Sanlie,CT


My favourite thing during my pregnancy was a hot bath to help with restless legs and a sore back. And of course movies with my friends to recharge the batteries! - Liezl Ker-Fox


My bed (I wanted to sleep constantly), my bath (nothing like a warm bath to relax a pregnant belly) and my strappy tops with build in support (to accommodate those every growing boobs during pregnancy) - Annemie, CT


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