A sms-buddie

Get yourself a sms-buddie! Find someone with roughly the same age baby as yours and share cellphone numbers. Someone to sms when you are up during the night. Whether you are up often of for long periods, it helps a great deal to know that you are not alone and can talk to someone else. The trick is to keep cellphones switched to "silent" mode at night. That way you send your sms knowing that if the other person is not up, you are not disturbing precious sleep. But if they are, a few sms's going back and forth can mean a great deal to a lonely, frustrated or very tired mother (you).

A feeding station

It is important to set up a nice area in your house where you can feed your baby. This might be a differnet place for night and day. I found it easier (mentally) to feed during the night in the baby's room on a comfortable chair, with a radio, a snack, something to drink and a night light, instead of sitting in bed, watching my husband sleeping away and me struggling with winds and latching! But lots of other moms found feeding in bed easy enough to sleep while the baby drinks. During the day I made a little station for myself: a nice cup of tea for myself, a glass of water, a snack, the telephone, the tv remotes, a book, magazine and seated in a comfortable chair. This all made it mentally easier to sit down and be prepared to sit for a while. I found it easier to deal with a wind that does not want to come out, or a baby drinking long, if I had everything I might need next to me already.

A place to go

Once your baby is a few weeks old, or days for some moms, you are ready to venture out again. Sometimes you just need to get out of the house. Half and hour, or just for one feed to sit somewhere else, or have some company. I needed a place where I could go where no one would expect anything from me, not too far to drive and where I could go as often as I liked. I was fortunate enough to have a mother close by, but this could also be a friend's house, or a coffee shop, etc. Put the baby in the car, drive through residential areas so that you can pull to the side of the road if your baby needs you. Enjoy the freedom and outing and go home when you choose to. I even had a friend who would let me visit her, or coem to me for the whole day. We did not need to talk, sometimes just watched a movie together or did soem housework while the other one watched the babies. Support, support, support: makes the world of difference!

The right clinic for you

I specifically added the "for you" part, as I do not think there is necessarily a right or wrong clinic, but definitely one that would suit you. Look for one until you find it, do not just settle for the first one if it does not feel right. A clinic should also be an outing. You should enjoy going there, be remembered and have your baby complimented. Or maybe that was just me... With my first child I chose a place that was open 24hours with an appointment. I did not mind waiting, as long as I could go whenever I was ready. I could wait until after a feed or sleep, or until my husband was home. Some mothers, on the other hand, prefer making an appointment and planning around it. I wanted the freedom to change my mind if it did not suit me anymore - a bad night, an upset baby, a different routine to the previous day - all these things could throw me off and make me anxious. With my second baby I just needed a place to get the immunisations done and hardly ever weighed her or asked for advice. Remember, because you have a card with you, you can change clinics whenever you want to or need to, until you find the right one for you.

Support / Accurate info / Help

As obvious through my other Favourites, I have found these to be the most valuable things.You really do need this to enjoy motherhood more. To know that others also struggle, get angry and frustrated made me feel normal and relaxed. For something like successsful breastfeeding you really do need ACCURATE information and GOOD support: Accurate meaning not someone's opinion, even if that person might be a doctor or nurse or book, but the studied and proven true information regarding breastfeeding. Good support meaning someone or people who are passionate about breastfeeding and have successfully breastfed their own children and helped others to do so. Not good meaning friends or family that also did not succeed. Help refers to the best help available. Once again, look for this help until you find it. You do not need to take the first available answers just because it comes from someone with a title.


There are different brands who make rescue tablets or drops. It is an natural product that helps with sleeplessness, shock and anxiety. Many use it for their babies and can tell you more about that, but used it for me. I kept mine next to my bed. I sometimes had only half an hour to nap - a few drops of Rescue helped me to relax quickly and fall asleep fast. I now use it when my kids make me want to throw something, but that's another story for another time.

Nasal Vacuum

DIe Baby-Vac word ingeplug by die stofsuier. Jy suig hulle neusies skoon, net soos hulle dit maar by die fisioterapeute doen. Daar kom twee fittings saam wat jy vir elke kind kan gebruik en dit maak ook maklik skoon na die tyd. Ek het myne twee jaar terug gekoop, en kyk nie een dag terug nie. Dis my volle oortuiging dat dit die rede was dat my kinders nog nie ernstig siek was deur die winters nie. Ek is my vriendin Adre ewiglik dankbaar dat sy destyds dit aan my bekendgestel het. Haar besonderhede is: Adre du Toit 082 824 9819 www.thebabyh.com - Louise @@@

OR contact Lucie from  www.mamaforbaby.co.za for the same product. It gets plugged into a normal vacuum cleaner and quickly and gently removes nasal secretions from infant's and toddler's nasal cavities. Visit this website for a video clip of how it works.

Vacuum Bags

I also discovered my new Favourite Thing when I started packing for the holidays. We have a normal sedan vehicle and I even started dropping hints to my husband that we might have to consider getting one of those roof boxes just to fit all the children's bedding and things. Goodness, with one child we struggled. Now with two, we can't fold down one seat and we have double of everything!

Then I saw the add for Vacuum Bags byTEVO. You place bedding, clothes, soft toys, etc in the reusable bags. Use a normal vacuum cleaner to suck out all the air anbd compress those things up to 70% their original size! We fitted into our normal car boot, along with all our luggage, all my baby's bedding, eight towels, my son's duvet and pillow, our dbl bed duvet and 4 pillows! Another plus is that it cannot damage or soil underneath or between other luggage. You can also use the bags to store winter clothing or extra bedding and save space. They ever have hanging bags for jackets and coats. It is available at Verimarkp or Game and costs only R99 for 3,4or5 bags, depending on the sizes you choose. Enjoy this one. Just make sure that wherever you are going, there is a vacuum cleaner to get everything back in the car! - Helena @@@

Herbaforce Graze and Weeping Wound Powder

There is a wonderful product that you can use on your newborn baby's naval. No more surgical spirits or waiting extensively for naval to fall off and dry. My baby's cord fell off on day 3. It is also a great powder to keep in your medicine box as it is for all graze and weeping wounds, so we are ready for all those scraped knees and open toes to follow! Great roduct, costs only R50 and avalable at most pharmacies or baby shops. @@@

Baby wrap

I found the easiest and most hands-free way to “wear” your baby is a babywrap. Easy to make yourself: You can just buy 5.5m of non-stretchy T-shirt material, and then look up on the website www.mobywrap.com how to wrap it. YOu can cut th ematerial lengthwise in half and have two. Several variations on exacty the same product is available online and at Kids Emporium. However buying the material is very cheap and it works amazing to sooth and carry babies from birth up to more than a year. Worked very well for me with my second child because I had my hands completely free for the toddler. - Helena, CT

Baby Things


Dummy Care

For a baby using a dummy, buy a product from Sterilon, called Dummy Care. It s a plastic screw top container in which you mix the sachets provided with water. It last up to a week and dummies only need to be immersed for 10min to be sterilised. I always carried and extra dummy inside the container in my nappy bag, and switched dummies when the other fell. Cheap and available in most supermarkets and pharmacies. - Helena, CT


Bull bag

A baby bull bag was extremely helpful up until the age of 2! For the 1st three months I used it next to my bed as a starting cot and then placed it inside the cot, to help baby adapt to her new environment. Until she was completely secure with her cot. Meanwhile we used it wherever we would go, eating out, going away for weekends. This ensured that we could let her sleep in a familiar environment without spending hours of comforting her! - Carolien, CT

Baby Things


Sleeping bag

Sleepingbag! Baby never wakes because of being cold. Marika, Piketberg

Baby Things


Multi use feeding chair

I bought a feeding chair that was on wheels and just used it sometimes as a pram as well. My baby could go wherever I was in the house and i can place toys in front of him to play. His sister also loved pushing him around. The seat could also move up or down so he could watch T.V at his own level or play with the kids at their level. Using one item and multi use it. – Moira, Uitzicht


Tissue Salts

Tissue salts - Sister Lilian het altyd in die Living & Loving tydksrifte daaroor geskryf. Eerstens werk dit en is baie beskostigbaar. Sodra een van die kleinjies die 'sniffles' het, verkoue,seer keel of maagkrampe kry, dan gee ek vir hulle die spesifiekse weefselsout. Dit sorteer gou die probleem uit en kan deur swanger vrouens (teen naarheid of as tonikum), en babas gebruik word. Dis regtig `n wenner! – Shantell, Uitzicht


Quinny Zapp pram

My pram was one of the best things I ever bought! It is a pram that folds up small enough to fit behind my car seat, or into my Kia Picanto’s boot (which is extremely small).It is great for travelling and comes with it’s own carry bag and rain cover. Have have travelled with it locally and abroad. We pack the pram as an afterthought in the car when we go away, instead of the first thing taking up all the space. For new baby, the seat easily takes off and a Maxi Cosi snug and save fits unto only the aluminium frame. Easy to handle with one hand. Not made for heavy terrain and does not have different seating positions. Helena, Uitzicht

Baby things



Spons “wedges”

My favourite thing in die baba stadium was twee sulke kleinerige driehoek sponsies wat met ‘n stukkie materiaal aan mekaar vas gemaak was. Die baba lê tussen daardie langwerpige driehoek sponsies en kan nie weg rol nie! Ek het ons baba langs die bed laat slaap – Junie maand gebore – en bors voeding was maklik want ek tel haar net by my in die bed en dan drink sy. Partykeer wou sy nie dadelik weer slaap nie, dan het ek haar sommer tussen daardie sponises laat lê en ek kon heerlik slaap want ek het geweet sy sal nie van die bed afrol nie!! Later as ek weer wakker word dan het sy weer in haar bedjie gaan lê! “n Heerlike nagrus gewaarborg!


Bath/Sun visor

This is a product that I'm searching for, but cant seem to find in South Africa - we've received it from a friend overseas as a gift. Its a baby bath and sun visor - no more tears with water in the eyes when washing hair - my toddler of one does not like
laying down for hair rinsing, neither does she like it if I use a little jug. Basically before the visor I had to wet a face cloth and try rinsing that way. I love this - so if you can tell me where we can find it here I'd love to buy more... – Marche, CT

Baby things


Baby Jogger - The best pram x far - for hiking, traversing uneven terrain, rocky paths, the beach, even stairs and kerbs are not a problem. And of course jogging, if you would be that way inclined...Playgym/activity gym - To give me a quick break to go and make myself a cup of tea, knowing baby is safe and entertained and won't fall off somewhere. Bloublommetjieskloof baby wash - It would not be your cup of tea if you want baby to smell like the traditional Elizabeth Anne baby, but wonderful to know it does not contain all those horrible parabens, SLS, etc. http://www.thegreenshop.co.za/pBLBW/Baby-Wash.aspx. Aromakids Ellie Smelly barrier cream - Smells very nice and has a nice thick texture! Cesranol and Magen drops from Natura to adress those digestive discomforts. Babygym course - go before your baby is born to learn how to massage her, go with baby - learn how to stimulate her, encourage and assist with milestones and development and meet other moms! http://www.babygym.co.za/ Internet grocery shopping and home delivery - especially for those early weeks.

Priceless items - My cup of tea (many times per day), My shower - me-time!, Other moms - for socialising, advice and support, Shopping mall parking for moms with prams close to the entrance, Being able to eat all those forbidden fattening items while breastfeeding, knowing it won't go straight to the hips but to a GOOD CAUSE!, Skin-to-skin for my fussy breast feeder http://www.kellymom.com/newman/01a-skin-to-skin.html, En duisende ander dingetjies oor my dogtertjie, ek kan 'n opstel skryf as ek moet. – Renate CT


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