Remember that children are the blessing, not how good they sleep. This is something I learned with my second child. The amount of straight hours my baby sleeps says nothing about me as a parent, but rather something about the personality of my child. I tried to form the same sleep routine with my second child that worked so well with my first, but 8months later I had to agree that she was just different and not a good sleeper. She is a wonderful, happy content, easy child who just does not sleep well. And I should also add that my mother keeps telling me that I was exactly the same. I could not change her personality. I tried so many different things and just got more an more confused and frustrated. l got so frustrated and angry with her at times, and other nights I would love our special time together - our bonding time. So try your best to establish a good sleep routine, and take it easy on those little ones. Try to enjoy the cuddles and the bonding time, even if it is at night!

Correct a bad sleeping pattern starting in the morning and not in the evening, i.e. wake them earlier in the morning if they go to bed too late at night, do not try to just put them to bed earlier in the evening when everyone is tired and irritated. - Helena @@@

Sleep training your baby is easy as one two three the Dutch way....stand next tot the cot and YOU rock from one leg to another in the first week. Baby follows your movement and that soothes him to sleep without you having to rock him forever AND then waking him when you put him down. Following week stand further away...and carry on every couple of days moving further. After 10 days (I've done this with both my children) they trust that you'll be there until they fall asleep and they don't even look if I'm there anymore. I stood there until they close their eyes and was calm and then moved out of the bedroom. If they cry, go back in immediately - pat on the back until they're calm and just stand there again....ect etc. – Sanlie, CT @@@

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