Feed with your finger. It works just a well and she can chew on the spoon while I feed her. - Helena @@@

My baby loves the new Baby Bellies home made baby food. A mother in the Cape Town Northern Subburbs makes healthy baby food, freezes it in cubes of 25ml and in pockets of 12 cubes each, and delivers directly to your door! Big range of First , Second and Third stage foods available. Take a look at her lovely and informative website www.babybellies.co.za and try it! Helena @@@

Solid Foods

1. Die oulike klein bakkies kan elk 35ml (puree) hou en het elk 'n dekseltjie, dis vir my beter as die ysblokkie metode. Daar is 10 op 'n tray.

Solid Foods

2. Vadoeke met ribbing - maak sommer self! Sny ronde gat in middel van vadoek, so 12cm diameter en werk 'n stuk ribbing vas - dit bedek darem heelwat meer as die standaard borslap! Doop dan die punt in water nadat sy geëet het en vee als skoon daarmee. (So terloops het iemand raad om butternut vlekke uit klere te kry? Dit vlek darem lelik!)

Solid Food

3. Munchkin fresh food feeder (Snookums maak ook een) - gadget met siffie waarmee mens vrugte kan gee. Ek het eers gedink dis te gimmicky maar werk baie beter as wat ek self die vrugte vir haar probeer voer. - Renate @@@

Usually older babies get constipated when starting meaty solids. My advice is to mix a bit prune juice (100%) and a pinch of brown (not white) sugar into all protein mixtures (like with mince, chicken etc. while you're cooking it). Tastes lovely! If you don't cook their food yourself - Purity - just give them Purity's prunes mixed with yoghurt/custard as a snack/dessert (it's very sour on its own). – Sanlie, CT @@@

My best advice on solid foods is DO NOT MIND THE MESS. Ane, my little girl, is and was from the beginning the worst eater ever but what worked it that I let her touch the food and taste it first, before I put a full spoon in her mouth. That way she does not “gril” so much or spit it out immediately. On eating in general, don’t worry about it, they will not die! And please do not fight with your husband about a little one not eating, it is not worth it!! – Marele, Uitzicht @@@


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