Mine is that it helps to know the seasons of your child. Most children go through the same stages at the same ages. It is just part of their development. When they hit, bite, tantrum, grab and run, or mostly just embarrass you in front of all your friends, deal with them, but know that it is normal. Do not expect them to share when they are 2! Also try to visit with friends that have children of the same age, or older; because they usually understand, and will not be judgemental. Helena, CT @@@

I used to go to people that had the same age kids, so if my child throws a tantrum then they would understand. If visiting firends without kids, ask to use a room and then try to discipline your child. It works for kids age 3 and up. You also then don't embarress your kid infront of other people. Kids don't like this and it seems that if you do reprimand them infront of others, it just gets worse. Read up as much as possible but remember all kids develop at their own pace. Sometimes we try to compare too much. I also tried to make my house child friendly, not just for me but also for friends with toddlers. My parents would alwatys ask why my house is so empty but it made my life more bearable. My kids didn't go through tantrums so don't expect all children to go through it. Moira, CT@@@

Advise for toddlers. First of all –don’t be too tough on yourself as a mother, and don’t feel you failed if your child does not listen. The most important thing a child needs is love and to be played with. We have all heard to discipline your child with a wooden spoon, but do you know the reason why? Your hands are there to show love to your child, so don’t use the tool you use to love them, to hit them. Use the wooden spoon. Also, make sure you don’t just say “no” for everything, but for things that really matter. Otherwise they will start ignoring the “no’s” that are of great importance and might save their life. Annemie, Paarl @@@

My favourite advice! Ons is gemaak om ‘n Mamma te wees!! En weet jy wat, ons is almal unieke Mammas wat gemaak is om ons unieke kindertjies groot te maak!!!! Ek stem saam met Annemie!!! Die belangrikste is liefde!!! As ons alles wat ons doen - pak gee, nuwe kossies gee, borsvoed, potty train, maatjies oor nooi of wat ook al – as dit alles uit liefde gemotiveer is, kan ons nie foute maak wat vir altyd skade gaan doen nie!!! Wees net rustig en konsentreer om te wees wie jy is: ‘n liefdevolle unieke Mamma wat spesiaal deur Jesus gekies is om jou kindertjies groot te maak! Geniet dit!!! - Adri @@@


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