Liandri is nou lus vir potty training en ek het ‘n wonderlike assestent! Haar 5 jarige Boetie!!! Hy wys vir haar hoe, waar en motiveer haar! Sy is baie opgewonde en dit is net een groot plesier! Daar is nog glipsies maar hy is baie oulik!!!.- Adri, Montaque @@@

My advice is that when it is a boy, let him sit down first to get used to the tiolet (like girls do). It also helps to show them when you go to the tiolet what you do and they easily copy you then, minimizing the problems they may have sitting on the tiolet. – Moira, CT @@@

I let my son watch his brother and father use the toilet and now he is very keen to do his thing. – Shantelle, CT @@@

Don’t’ laugh, but when I potty trained my daughter, she refused to make a pooh in the toilet. She said she was scared. Each time she wanted to go and make a pooh, I sprinkled 100’s and 1000’s in the toilet so it would look nice and then she had no problem doing it! - Liezl @@@

Some tips for the first days/months after training - let the games begin!

Always but always - I can't stress this enough...keep an extra set of clothing (everything from socks to warm sweater) in the boot of your car. This will save you and your kiddie a lot of stress in case of an accident in any situation.

Always let the kiddie 'go' before travelling anywhere - even round the corner to the shops. My rule is: we can only get in the car once you've done a wee-wee - no pressure but you have to 'go'...and explain to him/her why. Mine understood that he can't just GO when he wants to - the toilet is a walk away - not just in front of you. Lead by example - it helps. Once you're at your destination - locate the restrooms and let him/her 'go' again. Then sit back and relax....not for too long!

You can buy a mini toilet at Baby City - the size of a potty with a lid. I took this everywhere we went together with a roll of Kitchen Towel, Roll of plastic bags, pack of wipes and waterless hand sanitiser in a tube. Ready for action next to the rugby field, cricket field, parking lot - you name it! Believe me they want to go on the weirdest moments! Line the little toilet with the bag...or double bag (?)..., afterwards, wipe the little one, drop kitchen roll/wipes into the bag - the Kitchen roll soaks up the wee, seal the bag and leave in the toilet, close the little lid! Easy as pie! Dispose of everything once you're home or if you see a bin. (Sorry Mother Earth but what else?)

Most important of all! Potty training time is nothing to be embarrassed about! We all had to potty train our kids at some stage and a stinky pooh or an accident next to the rugby field or in the shops is NOT THE END OF THE WORLD! Deal with it the best you can to prevent accidents or in my case the pooh on the mini toilet next to the cricket's better than doing it in their pants! Laugh it off and your kiddie will cope much better with getting it right the next time...or the next time...or the next get it? Sanlie, CT @@@

I’m a first-time-trying-potty-training mom! We find the little seat-potty with back-rest and raised-seat works well for girls (can get them at Plastics for Africa). She feels comfortable sitting and is able to lift the lid like a real loo. Every time she’s done her job in the potty, we do our potty jingle-dance to celebrate. She loves the positive attention and has a smile from ear to ear! – Mariza, Stellenbosch @@@

Miskien kan my ma ‘n besigheid begin, sy het my kinders van doeke afgekry.Ek weet presies wat sy doen, en geen normale ma in vandag se tyd het die tyd om dit te doen – dis hoekom daar oumas is. Dit vat 3 dae – soos ek verstaan

  1. voer hulle BAIE water
  2. stel die oond se klokkie/wekkervir elke 10 minute
  3. as dit afgaan skree opgewonde – DIS TYD OM TYD PIEPIE!! – na ‘n oggend skree hulle self, so dan nie meer nodig dat jy skree
  4. dag twee stel jy dit vir elke 15-20 minute en dan dag 3 elke halfuur
  5. hulle behoort teen daai tyd gevoel te he van wanneer hulle actually wil piepie
  6. daarna vra elke halfuur of hulle wil piepie – dagmoeder of crèche moet ongelukkig on board wees – dink Sanlie se skool moes hulle gepotty train wees en my ma het hom vir ‘n week gehou. (en is ook ‘n pakslae ingewerk iewers in die 5 dae) – Annemie, Pinehurst @@@


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