Whatever you forget, you can always buy when you get there! – Marianne, CT @@@


Flying with infants

Remember you can book seats in advance when travelling with infants. Book the front seats, so that you have legroom, you are close to the bathrooms and can use a bassinet. 

 Arrive early, remind them that you are flying with an infant and ask them to keep the seat next to you open for as long as possible. If you are lucky, no one will be placed in that seat and you have extra space for your baby.

You can also ask attendants on plane to move the passenger next to you if there is an open seat somewhere - I am sure your fellow passenger would appreciate it as much as you! 

If baby is older, practice changing nappies standing up before you fly - might come in handy in dirty bathrooms.

Always change nappies before you board, might save you some energy on plane.

Put everything in your bag in small ziplog bags. This serves three purposes - 1.if you have to unpack your bag or someone goes through it, they do not touch all your baby's things. 2. and once on the plane it is easier to find things while digging above your head in the storage space for it! 3.Also, once boarded, take one specially packed ziplog bag out - one with all the necessities, i.e. one nappy, cream, wipes, drink(bottle), snack and maybe toy in it. This you put in seat pocket in front of you and you do not need to get up evertime you need something.

Practice baby wearing - take a sling, wrap or carrier with you on plane. No need to drag prams and seats through airports. Carry baby through boarding gates and unto plane before taking them off. This provides handsfree for other kids, bags, passports checks, etc. When they are niggly on the plane you can even strap them back in and walk around to calm them down.

If you want to book an extra seat you can take your (front facing) car seat on plane - for older babies.

Remember you can board and disembark with business class and some airlines even provide strollers in the airports!

Do not be intimidated by other passangers. You have as much right to be there as they are. You do not have the first crying baby on board and flight attendants should be trained to assist you.

Flying with kids

Dress kids in sweatpants, tights or pjs(international flights) with sock so that you can remove shoes on plane. This will keep them confortable and they can sleep easily when needed. This is not the time to impress other passengers with your kids outfits.

Make sure you pick a airline with kids entertainment - toys and games and movies on tvs.



Travel Advice


Remember to mix your formula milk before you board a plane, because you are not board with bottles containing clean water as a safety precaution.





Hou van kleins af voet by stuk dat die kinders in hulle karstoeltjies moet sit!!! Hulle skree maar partykeer, maar as hulle eers begin rondbeweeg is dit baie sleg en baie onveilig!!! Hang iets aan die handvatsels by elke deur en maak dit interessant sodat hulle tog besig bly, MAAR moenie ingee en hulle losmaak nie!!! Stop eerder meer gereeld - veral as dit warm is in die kar!!! - Adri, Vyeboom @@@

The best advice I was given in the beginning to drive with my first baby was to avoid all high ways and rather drive through the suburbs. Although it took me much longer, I knew that if he cried, I could immediately pull to the side of road and give him my full attention. This took away a lot of the initial stress about driving around. – Helena, CT @@@

Travelling long-distance by car: we’ve found it helps tremendously to have a portable DVD player in the car that can keep a toddler occupied for a few hours, and travel at night while they’re sleeping. Also take along a new toy, to open as a surprise gift when she can’t sit still any longer. Take regular stops and enjoy the journey – it may take longer but at least you’ll arrive happy and all in one piece! – Mariza, Stellenbosch @@@

For every hour’s drive, you must have a new toy (very cheap one!) set aside in a “travel bag” that is close by. When your toddler/baby is not sleeping or hungry and wants' something to keep him busy, you grab a new toy with great surprise and this new discovery will keep him busy for most of the next hour. For an emergency, I usually have a “lucky packet” ready which are a superb winner! I also bought some of those insect toys and put them in different envelopes, which they just love to tear open!! Then lastly, for those who have to travel over 2 days – make a book (I call it my child's road atlas) of all his favourite subjects. Take some old magazines and tear out those pics that he loves and glue them on normal A4 paper. You can either bind them together or put them in a flip file. Every time he turns the page, it is something he enjoys over and over again!!!
Travelling has never been this easy!! Short and enjoyable. - Carolien, CT

Travel Advice

I also found that travelling before naptime is easier than travelling after a nap: then they want to get up and move. We therefore always leave an hour or two before naptime when we need to travel far, otherwise just as the nap needs to begin. A sleeping child travels best! @@@

I try to plan short trips to the store after naps (that way the kids are not cranky) and longer trips I plan so that it falls with nap time. Shantelle, CT@@@



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