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My Favourite Things Baby and Kiddies Markets specialise in quality baby and children’s related products and services. It focuses mainly on South African products and many, but not all, of the products are handmade. Each market includes stands with a different variety of products, each of which are manned, furnished and decorated by its own creator who also handles their own sales. The market holds free talks and classes on the day and entertainment for the kiddies, the details of which vary from market to market.


My Favourite Things Baby and Kiddies Markets have attracted more than 500visitors to previous markets, all of whom are parents or grandparents of young children. If this is your venue’s target market, then this is a great opportunity to generate exposure. Your logo and contact details will be added to all email invitations, and other marketing material where applicable, as well as links on our Facebook Page when advertising the specific market. Our database and exhibitors come from all over the Western Cape and would therefore also bring visitors from your own, as well as other areas to your door. With your co-operation, along with all the new, you will have an opportunity to invite your regular visitors to revisit as well.  


My Favourite Things Baby and Kiddies Markets are held at different child-friendly venues all over the Western Cape. We enjoy giving exposure to these venues by inviting our database of young families to visit the markets hosted there. The venue must be able to contain at least 30stands of different sizes, and during the biggest part of the year the venues need to have the space to accommodate the whole market both outdoor and indoor, as surety against the weather. This is not a problem in summer months. There also needs to be space for the kids to play, or a specific play area at the venue.


My Favourite Things Baby and Kiddies Markets are one day markets, usually on a Saturday from 9am-3pm. It normally takes place in the middle of the month to allow its exhibitors the opportunity to exhibit at other regular markets on the first and last weekends of the month. However, we do not exclude those dates. The markets are held as often as invited by venues but with a minimum of a month’s interval between them.


My Favourite Things Baby and Kiddies Markets and all their exhibitors invite their whole database to the market and your venue. Email invitations are sent out, including a competition to encourage the recipients to forward to their friends, and all Facebook Pages are utilised. Our main target market is young families, from pregnancy to pre-school, and, of course, grandparents. We have many visitors who follow us to all the different venues. Visitors will come to explore the market, enjoy the entertainment, but also to check out your venue. If you have different aspects to your venue you are welcome to promote that as well, i.e. wine tasting.


Simply invite My Favourite Things Baby and Kiddies Markets to your venue by sending an invitation to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. explaining why you think the market and your venue will work well together. I will visit your venue, take measurements and determine whether it will work or not. The market date will be set. You give me your logo and contact details for the invitation. I plan the market, organize the exhibitors and will be there during the market to manage from set-up to finish. The more you participate in advertising the market, the greater your exposure will be. All this at no charge to your venue. All exhibitors must apply directly with me.

If you are interested, I look forward to hearing from you! Helena 0833249053